Thursday, September 19, 2013

3 Year Check Up!!

Growing up so fast!!!

Kate really liked Dr. C today :) She told him all about Emily's boo boo, it was so cute!

Today Kate is 39 and a half inches. 31 lbs!
Dr. C says she's off the charts in height, but I double checked and it looks like she's in the 90's%. He says she will probably be about 5'9"! Time will tell how tall our little beauty will be :)

She had 2 shots and didn't make a peep or shed a tear! Nurse Kathy was great and had Kate blow in my face on the count of if she was blowing out a candle. It really took the tension out of the situation- no tears! I will have to remember that one for future visits!

Here are a few pics from Kate's 3rd birthday WEEK!!

Fruit pop at Papas!

I'm 3!!!!!!

New Smyrna!! Where are my sunglasses?!

Smiles from the princesses :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Day of Preschool!

Kate and Ms. Brown
I dropped Kate off this morning at Anchor Academy. She's been so excited, the last couple of weeks, about starting school and making new friends. This is an exciting new step for her and ME! Haha...Mama needs to learn how to let go! She wouldn't even get out of the car this morning to drop Emi off at Ludims! She said, "No, I'll wait here...I'm going to school, not Mami Ludims!!" She cracks me up and I love seeing her so excited about growing up! I can't stop thinking about her and how she is doing in her new environment. I even shed a few tears thinking about how much she's grown in the last 3 years; in the blink of an eye! In my heart, I know she is loving every moment of today!  (While I count down the minutes until I pick her up to hear all the details of her first day and see that beautiful smile!).

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Sweet little Emily had her 1 year well check today. 

29.5 inches long
20 lbs 12 ounces
45 cm head circ.

2 shots. Boo.

She's right on track :) Perfect baby in every way!!!

Lots of animals to look at!

All smiles until Dr. C comes in!!

Hey Mom and Kate..I found a bear!!!!

3 Muskateers!!!

Such a little beauty!! LOVE!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sleeping Babies

There is nothing more precious than sleeping babies! I peak in on these two before I head to bed every night and think about how lucky I am to be their Mother. 

April 22, 2013 - 1 week before Emily turns 1 :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bath - March 29, 2013

We went to the Wekiva Marina tonight and then back to Dads for a slumber party! These guys love each other!

Karly, Kate, Lauren, Nick and Em


Dads Birthday Watch ~ 67 ~

Uncle Jack went to visit with Uncle Eddie a couple weeks ago and Eddie gave Jack and watch to give to Dad for his birthday! It's very nice!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

Well, it's been hectic around here to say the least. We are 3 weeks into our move and still have boxes and tons to go thru, Daddy is still dizzy and tired all the time from getting his wisdom teeth pulled and Mama is just trying to keep it all together :)
Here are some pics from our Valentines Day...the kids were spoiled by everyone as usual. Grams and G-Dad sent lots of gifts and Mimi sent packages and it was all a lot of fun!! We got Porkies BBQ for Daddy and Kate requested perogies and broccoli for dinner...everyone was happy!

My babies are growing up and I need to catch up on blogging!!!  Here's a start!

Daddy and the kids sent me these beautiful tulips!

Gifts from Mimi

New bib from Grams. Em ~ 10 months old

Holding her gift the whole ride home! She didn't peak.

Princess jams and tiara! Grams and G-Dad know what this little princess loves!

Bathtime :)


Good morning little princesses!

Kai Kai is a biter. :(